January 1, 2012

Can our Society accept ‘Women Rule?’

We live in a world that adores and glorify the masculine gender. Women rule is always a big concern for the male dominating society. Majority of men are not ready to accept women as the leaders.

Though the truth is women proved to be the best leaders according to a survey. Scholars find that women, compared with men, tend to excel in consensus-building and certain other skills useful in leadership.

We all know, behind every great man there is a great woman. A truer truism would be that behind every great man is probably an even greater woman—and in most cases, she ought to be out in front. Women, as a leader, are more deliberate, compassionate, and thoughtful than men. They are more balanced than men when it comes to govern the society.

There has been great progress and illumination in our society with the changing times. However, women still face a lot of coercion at all levels and in every field. The debate over women in the workforce is still fresh and exciting in the developing world. Women are quite capable of being major contributors but they are not given a bigger and fairer chance of proving themselves.

Everywhere people are talking about women rights, equality, and the laws for them but the reality is-the male governed society is not accepting women as the ruler with their full heart. They remain silent when it comes to women leadership in the society.

If women rule the society, they act as role models in the local environment, inspiring women and girls in often male-dominated societies to push for their own rights and for participation in peace processes.

May be men are afraid if women leads the society, that is why many of them are against women rule in the society. No doubt, our world and society will change for the better when women are represented at all levels as particularly they have a much stronger voice in decision making.

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