December 20, 2011

No Man is Faultless: It’s Certified

No one is perfect, neither we women nor men. Like each girl, every man has his weak spots, his weaknesses, and his strengths. But for many years men are having a wrong conception that they are perfect.

When women talked about their ideal men, a good behavior came top followed by a sagacity of absurdity and appearance.

According to a recent poll of 2,000 women bespoken by Remington, most women graded their male counterparts only 69 percent faultless and ideal. The survey found that the ideal man is clean-shaven, good with children and even-tempered.

Many men were failure to get on with his partner’s family and friends, using her toothbrush and general laziness. Other shortcomings included watching too much sport, a cavalier attitude to personal grooming, worst bathroom habits like leaving the toilet seat up, using the toilet with the door open, or worse, leaving it dirty were deemed intolerable.

Nikki McReynolds, the marketing director for Remington said, “The average guy may not be able to compete with the image of a David Beckham, but there are still a number of small changes they can do to make a big difference.”

She said "It seems women are quite realistic on what they look for from their partner. They might happily overlook a few common flaws. There are certain behaviors that men just won't get away with. It's clear that while guys may not be completely perfect, there are plenty of things they can be perfect in, in order to please their partner.

As long as guys take the time to look after themselves, be attentive and keep up appearances then their partner will be willing to overlook the smaller pet peeves."

While there could possibly be no such thing as a true "Prince Charming" and life is not quite like we dreamed as a child. There definitely may be a man out there that could be the next best thing.

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