December 17, 2011

Nancy Powell nominated as US Ambassador to India

US President Barack Obama nominated Nancy J Powell as the next ambassador to India replacing Timothy J Roemer. She is the first woman diplomat to be named for holding the key post in Obama administration.

The 64-year-old Nancy has a wide experience in dealing the issues in South Asia. She was nominated after Timothy J Roemer resigned from his post in April this year. Peter Burleigh is currently holding the post as the US embassy to India.

Nancy had earlier served as the US ambassador to Uganda (1997-1999), Ghana (2001-2002), Pakistan (2002-2004) and Nepal (2007-2009). She had also held various key posts in Kolkata, New Delhi, Dhaka, Kathmandu, Islamabad and Ottawa.

Nancy is currently serving as Director General of the Foreign Service and Director of Human Resources at the Department of State. She was conferred the Career Ambassador in January 2011.

She had joined Foreign Service in 1977. She was graduated from the University of Northern Iowa.

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