December 3, 2011

Mahesh Bhatt signs Sunny Leone for 'Jism 2'

In a dramatic development, legendary director Mahesh Bhatt entered the Bigg Boss house last night and signed international porn star Sunny Leone as the lead actor in his forthcoming movie, 'Jism 2'.

The entire episode looked like a drama and staged act, as Mahesh Bhatt entered the house and showered praise on Sunny Leone. He revealed his plans to sign Sunny Leone.

While all the housemates were taken aback, Sunny was quick to accept the offer by Mahesh Bhatt. It was decided that they would sign the deal and all other documents once Sunny leaves Bigg Boss house.

Shonali Nagrani looked upset at the latest development and complained to Mahesh Bhatt that his production company harassed her by keeping her waiting for eight months and saying her no for the lead role in a movie. She shed tears to gain sympathy.

Mahesh Bhatt listened to her, apologised to her, but made no promise that she would be cast again. After spending some time with the housemates, Mahesh Bhatt left the house. The latest buzz says that Mahesh Bhatt colluded with Colors channel to plant Sunny Leone in Bigg Boss 5.

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