December 13, 2011

How Women should Punish Men who cheat

Many men are born cheaters. They are not stable in a relationship and are always demanding. As the society has entered the modern era, women are no longer dependent on men.

They can’t tolerate injustice and cheating of men. They know well how to crush male ego and punish them so that men can’t raise their head and voice in front of women.

Men who cheat are often enticed by the power to attract a variety of women. These cheating men are driven by their ability to conquest of an endless array of women. What better way to boost a sagging ego, even if it is at the expense of their relationship?

Shame can be a powerful punishment that embarrasses the cheater. If a man cheats woman, she should humiliate him as it is the best way to crush the ego. If a man is humiliated in front of friends and tagged as cheater. He would not dare to cheat woman in his whole life and other women will also think many times before hooking up with such men who is labeled as “cheater.”

The other best possible way to punish a cheater is to make him stand in public with a sandwich board of ‘cheater’ for all to see. This will bring disgrace to such men who are cheating or even thinking about it.

Shaming one for their actions has historically be a great way to keep people in check with little impact to their well-being or ability to live life to the fullest. Embarrassment would be the best way of putting it. And lastly, the best revenge is living even better than they do.

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