December 5, 2011

How to deal with Narcissistic people?

Narcissism is a pattern of selfishness and self-centeredness that, in the extreme, can be a psychological condition called narcissistic personality disorder.

A self-centered person expects other to put his needs first and endlessly listen to his stories about how great he is. He seems incompetent of recognizing others' needs.

Narcissistic people tend to treat others as objects that exist to emotionally feed them. They never admit the truth and never give the impression that they are highly accomplished at anything and everything they does.

They believe that they are always right no matter what, even if they are wrong. They test others with manipulative, nauseating conduct.

While we can have compassion for those suffering from this disorder, it can be rigid to be around them. To deal with a Narcissist is a full time, energy and emotion-draining job, which reduce the persons around the Narcissist to insecure nervous wrecks. So here are few points of dealing with such types of people:

• Pleasing the narcissistic is not a right way to deal with them. But one should protect his/her sensitivity and compassion.

• In the case of a narcissist, much of their behavior stems from deep feelings of inadequacy and an almost continual agitation and fear that they may be unmasked as being bungling, stupid, and weak. The best way to deal with conceited people is to try and understand why they behave the way they do.

• Try to keep in mind how sensitive and afraid they are underneath all the bravado and cutting comments. If you can keep that in mind, it can make the cutting comments a little less personal.

• You can give slight criticisms to a narcissist once in a while to make inkling that you are a straightforward judge. Be fiddly and restrained as you experiment on how to deal with narcissistic people. But never make ruthless criticisms not even as joke- narcissists will take it seriously.

• Narcissist wants to make other feel bad for what they haven't done for them. To counter this, simply ignore all opinions that they say and one should decide for them if one has done good or not.

It's important to remember that these individuals are the ones with a problem, so don't give in to what they want. It is not necessary that narcissist people are selfish but they may just be viewing things from their own perspective.

A person with severe narcissism personality will not be able to modify their behavior. Simply do not get into discussion, and if you must dispose a sudden rendezvous to escape a difficult situation, then do so.

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