December 15, 2011

Google donates $11.5 Million to eradicate Slavery

Search Engine giant Google has come forward with the donation of $11.5 million to several leading organisations to fight slavery and human trafficking around the world.

The funds will be used for the development of infrastructure and resources of various groups led by International Justice Mission (IJM) that has been working for the eradication of slavery and human trafficking by rescuing people from the forced labour and sexual exploitation.

The IJM will work along with other groups like Polaris Project, Slavery Footprint next year 2012.

Slavery and human trafficking are the two biggest problems for the countries. Many people are being trapped and forced to work in unhealthy environment pushing them to lose their balance of mind.

The funds will be spent in three different countries including India, where human trafficking is a major problem. People from different states used to come to developed states by force and being exploited in the name of money.

IJM President Gary A. Haugen said that a total of $3.5 million will be spent in India to fight against forced labour and $4.5 million will be spent for a campaign in India to protect and educate vulnerable individuals.

Around $1.8 million will be spent for a campaign to motivate the Americans to fight against injustice. The remaining $1.7 million will go to several small organisations, which have been fighting the slavery.

Google has decided to contribute something in charity during the Christmas holiday season. It announced to donate to the organisations that have been promoting science, technology, engineering, math programs, education of girls in developing countries and programs for empowerment through technology.

Following the foot print of Google, Mozilla also launched a campaign for charity works giving $5,000 as donation. A total of 12 charity organisations sponsored by Mozilla have been campaigning for Cancer for College, City Year, and The Innocence Project.

Meanwhile, PCMag also launched a campaign for Concern Worldwide, an organisation fighting hunger around the world.

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