November 26, 2011

Targeting Politicians - Bad for Democracy?

Targeting the politicians is definitely a bad symptom for our democracy. Recently, Union Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar was slapped. In the past many were shoed. But is it the genuine way to protest?

A political leader takes an action in his official capacity. Sometimes the action do not satisfies all. Does it mean that he should be slapped to protest that action? Definitely, no. It only exhibits the diminishing value of democracy in a state.

India is the country having the glory of creating people like Mahatma Gandhi, who had driven away the tyrannical British Government with the weapon of Non-violence. If someone thinks it to be an old norm, then Anna Hazare’s example is there who could thrill the Government without a single slap to anybody. This is the actual way.

Moreover physical assault is a crime in India. May be it of any degree, but it is punishable under law. Again, if it is done to a public representative, who is also a top portfolio holder, the offence becomes graver.

The principles of democracy advocate that the citizens surrender themselves to the Government. They are not entitled for taking individual criminal action against others. Lest, think of an atmosphere where everybody starts defend them by attacking others, then there will be no meaning of rule of law. The situation would lead to home war.

In fact, India is forwarding towards ‘Mobocracy’ in this way. Mobocracy is – the mob becomes the ruling class. But it is not a permanent solution, because mob is always unpredictable. But people need a definite political atmosphere to lead a secured life with dignity.

In international arena, Ex President of USA Mr. Bush was also shoed years back. But that is not a perfect medium of conveying a protest to any of the public representative. This can only be termed as an illegal exhibition of impatience.

Astonishingly no exemplary action is being taken against these types of mishaps, for which the miscreants are encouraged to repeat their deeds, in Indian context. It clearly indicates towards the failure of the Government.

And, why not? When the Government and its lengthy procedures keeps criminals like Kasab alive, spending crores of rupees on him, what more can be expected from that Government.

Rule can be of different type. Autocracy, Mobocracy, democracy, Aristocracy or Monarchy. Out of these, democracy is the best one, because the people rule themselves in this arrangement. It is the concept.

But in today’s India, is the government taking action for the restoration of these principles of democracy. No. Increasing rate of crimes in the cities, insecurity of the citizens with disparity in fiscal sector has proved that the real principles of democracy has been ignored.

Unfortunately our country is moving towards a bad political state. The people who are attempting to cease democracy should think with responsibility and of course the Government should provide a better atmosphere to check the persons turned into criminals.

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  1. If this is bad then what is good??? Scam done by them.....