November 30, 2011

Australian Court lifts Ban on Samsung Galaxy Tablet

In a big relief to Samsung Electronics, the Australia court has cleared the sale of Samsung Galaxy tablet in the country rejecting Apple Inc's allegations that Samsung had imitated iPad and iPhone.

The Federal Court's ruling is a victory for the South Korea-based company Samsung to sell its Tablet in Australia during Christmas shopping season.

The court on Wednesday said that Samsun is allowed to sell its latest Tablet in Australia as the evidence failed to show that the company infringes Apple's patent.

The court had restricted Samsung from selling of its Galaxy Tab 10.1 in Australia in October following the allegations by Apple.

However, Samsung will have to wait for a few more days to resume the selling of its Tablets as Apple has indicated that it will approach the country's High court.

Earlier, California-based Apple had sued Samsung in the US in April this year alleging that Samsung's tablets are the copy of the iPhone and iPad. In response, Samsung also filed a lawsuit accusing Apple of patent infringement of its wireless telecommunications technology.

The battle between two tech giants had spread to 10 countries including Germany and the Netherlands where the ruling came in favour of Apple that Samsung is an imitator of Apple.

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