September 28, 2011

"Great leadership is not about having all the answers - it is, more often, about having the courage to ask the critical questions."

Many people believe that great leaders are just blessed with a knack for having the right answers. They believe that these people have a natural instinct for knowing what to do in any given situation - how to stay on track, inspire employees to work toward a common goal, organize effectively and drive their business. Superb leaders, they suspect are born with certain talents, insights and charisma that make them different from the rest of us. 

Of course, these excellent leaders are very sure of themselves - because it comes so naturally to them. It is a pretty common notion: there is a rarified species of successful leaders who follow an orderly path upward during their careers, consistently avoid significant setbacks, do not suffer period of confusion, seldom feel like failures, and have an uncanny knack for looking around corners and seeing into the future.

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