May 17, 2011

Integrity - You Can't Fake It!

I had heard a story regarding integrity several years ago when I was in the Marine Corps. I had spent twelve years as a Marine - and it will never leave me. You know what they say - once a Marine - always a Marine.

Now I don’t believe for a minute that this story that I’m about to tell is true - but - it gives a perfect illustration of what integrity is.

There was a General that used to love to take his Marines on forced marches every so often. There was just something about it that he loved.

Now if you do not know what a forced march is - it is where the Marines get into full combat gear - which includes their rifles - wearing their helmets - sometimes flak jackets - full pack - and then you would march out over rough terrain to a predetermined destination - and then back. Sound easy doesn’t it - yah right!

Now I will tell you that I have been on several forced marches and they are just a blast - almost as much fun as having a tooth pulled.

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