January 19, 2011

Meeting Etiquette

Etiquette is nothing but a set of rules which are accepted by the everyone, for the smooth functioning of the society. Proper etiquettes are expected in all of the social activities and interactions. Of course etiquette is different for every occasion. For example tea party etiquette will obviously be different from meeting etiquette. Formal etiquette is expected on both the occasions, however, there is quite a difference between those etiquettes. Let us take a look at meeting etiquette, starting from the silent dress code to posture.

Meeting Etiquette Rules

There can be different kinds of business meetings, like a formal meeting with the management or one with the colleagues, however the etiquette are almost for each formal meeting. This etiquette is something that everyone is aware of. Read more on formal etiquette rules.

Punctuality: It might sound cliché, but punctuality is one quality which needs to be followed throughout life. Punctuality is a crucial factor when it comes to formal meetings. In fact, you should not be on time, you should be present at the venue at least five minutes beforehand. Being late is not only considered rude but also reflects the nature of the person. If you do reach late due to some reason, go and sit on your place without disturbing the proceedings. If you are organizing the meeting, start it on time, irrespective of the attendance. Do not make the present members wait only because some members are late. Read more on workplace etiquette.

Dressing and Mannerism: You are supposed to dress for a meeting, so it has to be formal attire. Dress like a professional, T-shirts and jeans are out of a question when it comes to a meeting. There won't be any dress code mentioned, however, you are expected to dress in clean and neat clothes, also pay attention to your footwear. Make sure that your socks are not torn or have any holes, polish the shoes before the meeting. Talking about manners, keep your cell phone switched off during the meeting. If it is not possible to switch it off, keep it in your pocket, on silent. Do not keep it on the table as the vibration will disturb the meeting.

Listening attentively is also an important etiquette, if at any point you do not agree with the chair, wait for him to finish and then put forth your opinion in a modest tone. Every person present does get a chance to express his views, wait for your chance. Do not get aggressive for anything, it is considered rude and offending. Read more on workplace etiquette guidelines.

Be Prepared: All meetings generally have an agenda, you will get to know when you are supposed to participate in the meeting. Do not waste your and others people's time beating around the bush. Speak only about the concerned topic, in short and simple sentences. Do not go on talking as there are also other people who wish to talk, be precise and wrap your presentation within a certain time. Be prepared for questions that might be asked about the topic, if you cannot answer a certain query, honestly tell the person asking, do not give vague or rude answers. Also carry a pen, pencil, notepad, laptop etc. with you. Read more on business etiquette.

Summarization: When the meeting ends, summarize the meeting by giving a short account of the happenings in the meeting which include plans that were put forward, accomplishments, any suggestions etc. Also decide the time and place for the next meeting. Do not rush out, thank everyone for coming if you are the organizer or thank the organizers otherwise. Read more on professional etiquette.

These were the meeting etiquette rules. So now that you know what exactly is expected of you, behave accordingly and make a good impression in front of your boss!

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