January 19, 2011

Lessons in life

There are telling signs of work addiction. Look around your
office or place of work and if you spot someone with several of
these symptoms, they are either already workaholics or have the
potential to be:-

  • Works extraordinarily long hours.
  • Always in a hurry.
  • A perfectionist.
  • Does not like to delegate work.
  • Likes to stay in control.
  • Emails you in the middle of the night.
  • Wants everything done urgently and quickly.
  • Impatient and has a low tolerance for mistakes.
  • Always talking about work matters.
  • Does not socialize unless forced to.
  • Routine is home – office – home and nowhere else.
  • Possibly temperamental and hostile.
  • Takes little care of personal health and hygiene.
  • Goes to work when on medical leave.
  • Does not take vacation leave.

Within this broad generalization, there are also those who
choose to overwork themselves. We shall deal first with the true
blue workaholics i.e., those who take their work seriously and
cannot kick the habit of working. Such people have to
progressively understand that work is never-ending. Rather
than undertake the work alone, they should learn to delegate
and farm out the work. Bosses often pile work on workaholics
because they can produce results. A person has but two hands
and there is a limit as to how much work he can handle. It is
therefore useful to learn how to say “No” and to reject work. If
attention is spread too thin among all the assignments, quality is
adversely affected and it would not benefit the company. Devote
more time to relationships. Be convinced that success in life is
incomplete if it is only a success at work but a failure at home.

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