January 28, 2011

Know You Are More Than Enough

A lack of success, money, love, and even time is often the result of our feeling unworthy on some level. When we feel we don't have enough knowledge, that our ideas are not good enough, that we don't get enough done during a workday, or that we are unlikable for any reason, we are robbing ourselves of the abundance life has to offer. Therefore the key to massive success in any area is to accept that we are wonderful, highly capable human beings in the present moment.

With so many self-improvement books and courses available today, it's easy to lose focus of the core issue of almost every self-development scenario: our basic self esteem.

The majority of problems we create for ourselves in life, and certainly every case of lack, stems from a weak self-image. When we don't feel we measure up to our heroes, or to our own set of ideals, our results will be far below desirable.

This seems so obvious when it's in black and white. While reading this article you may be thinking "I already know this".

However the fact remains that millions of people fail to base their actions and dynamic thinking on the principle of strong self-worth as the driving force for all results. We need to remind ourselves constantly that it's crucial to acknowledge our many capabilities and overall worthiness.

What's more, we need to let go of the notion that we need "just a little more" to really become the person we strive to be. Constant learning and growth should be the aim of every human being, but not because we are somehow lacking in our present states.

Strive to better yourself, but only after you take the time to honestly love yourself as you currently are.

You don't need another technique or a new affirmation to be a better person. You are already wonderful.

You don't need more sales techniques to attract more than enough money to live the life of your dreams. You only need to appreciate the talents you already have and put them into action.

You don't need to improve your personality to find a loving mate. The world is full of people who see your beauty and goodness as you are right now.

Know that you are more than enough and you will have more than enough in your life. Refuse to focus on any perceived lack and instead be grateful for everything you have; before long you'll see even more good things heading your way.

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