January 20, 2011

How to Set Goals and Achieve Success

Goal setting is extremely important to achieve success in life. When you ask someone what is your goal? If he or she answers something like this... "Earn more money". Then, this is not a goal; this is just a vague statement without any seriousness to succeed.

The goal should sound something like the following...

"I will work on my Internet business for 2 hours a day for 30 days. At the end of 30 days, I am going to earn $1000 a month from my business."

A goal should be specific, achievable and have a timeline.

Now let's us explore some techniques on how to focus on your goals and achieve the results you want.

For instance, your goal is to earn an extra income of $1000 per month from your internet marketing business.

So, "How to earn $1000 per month from my Internet business" is the title of your goal.

And then list down the exact activities you are going to do in order to achieve your goal. Create two columns, in the first column, list down each activity or task. In the second column will indicate the timeline or how long does it take to complete each task.

Be consistent and persistent:

During the course of achieving your goals, you will face challenges and road blocks. Therefore, you must be persistent. You must be able to accept the challenges and remove the road blocks. Without a strong persistence, you would give up when you are faced with some challenges. You must also be consistent with your effort. If you promise yourself to work 2 hours a day on your business then do it. Commit yourself to success!

Prepare to learn new things and apply them:

If there are more effective ways or techniques you can use to achieve your goals faster; learn and use them. Keep on learning skills that can help to improve your yourself and help to accelerate your success.

Reinvest your profit:

If you earn some profit in your business, don't go and spend them all. Reinvest some of them back into your business. This can help speed up your success.

Reward yourself:

If you achieve your goal (however small it is), reward yourself. You don't have to spend a bomb to reward yourself. Going out with your loved one for a simple dinner or catch a favorite movie together are examples of good reward.

The next time you are determined to reach a new goal in your life, write down the steps that will guide you to it. Be specific in your detail, and use it as a roadmap to achievement. Focus on it; memorize it, and become empowered by it. You'll never fail.

To summarize...

In this article, we have shared with you some techniques and tips to help you set your goals and how to achieve them. Remember that a goal must be specific. measurable, achievable and tangible (timeline). If you follow the advice outlined in this article, you will succeed.

Here is a great quote or saying from Andy Roddick that I like very much... "At one point in your life you either have the thing you want or the reasons why you don't".

Knowing why you want to succeed is important. When the why is strong enough, the how will figure itself out!

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