January 19, 2011

Etiquette is Essential, Also at Work!

If someone seems dated arguments are wrong because not only are issues highly sought by both young people and by employers who see the class as the flagship of good managers and good education key to successful in life and work. There are numerous courses in various flake training institutions which aim to provide at least the basic rules of behavior as a corollary matters in vocational training and business.

The etiquette was born as a manual of behavior in the middle of the '500 per patient work of the bishop of Sessa Aurunca Galeazzo Florimonte. In recent years, industry experts have had to keep pace with the times and especially with the technology, especially in more young but not only introduced behavior, gestures and customs that only a few years ago 'was unthinkable. So in these training courses is undertaken with particular attention to the theme of the phone: no screaming or shouting nowhere, especially not when you're waiting for the museums, bars, crowded places or at least within near of any other person. For women the basic rule must be to not refer makeup or hair (even if this advice applies not only to women!) Slammed in face to anyone mirrors, brushes or any other useful object.

But the etiquette courses for managerial behavior goes beyond the simple taking into account parallel disciplines such as dress, gestures and all that is defined by specialists para verbal or non-verbal language. As for the countless clothing are spread out on a daily advice, tips but inevitably clash with the prevailing fashions becoming archaic and bigoted. A brief summary was not the pants "knees" that in addition to being stylish lose any utility, it is good to be brisk in the work but it's important not to overdo it, the same for skirts too short, especially if combined with not so long-limbed physical characteristics. Indeed for women the rule to follow is always the finesse and class, so no mesh too tight or too loose, no ties to unmatched shirts, if not you have a tie that combines and do not want to invest in this go out without.

But at the table during a business lunch, that the rules of etiquette are unleashed in all their pride to make it, that "tell me how you eat and I'll tell you who you are" has always been right especially with customers and suppliers, where even when we least expect are under consideration. So never eat greedily, chewing with his mouth open or making noise, place your elbows on the table or keep the phone on the table. And last, but fundamental rule to be respected, never use the toothpick. Some small ideas which, if known, can be put in place without problems!

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