January 19, 2011

Business Dining Etiquette

Business dining etiquette rules have always been important in every person's corporate life. There may be many occasions in your professional career when you will be dining with your office colleagues either in a restaurant or home. You should remember that even though you are out of your office, your actions and ways of behavior are under observation.

By displaying decency, elegance and smartness, you can prove several points to your seniors who might be present with you. A good knowledge of these business dining etiquettes can earn you a tag of a disciplined and civilized person. This in turn can guarantee a lot of respect and admiration in the society. The business dining etiquette tips and suggestions mentioned below will help you a lot.

Important Business Dining Etiquette

The most important of all the business dining etiquettes is to reach the location where you are supposed to dine with your colleagues on time. By doing so, you prove that you are punctual and care for others. In case if you think that you would not be able to reach the venue at the right time, you should call one of your colleague and inform him about your late arrival. As far as possible, also tell the reason why you will be coming late. At the venue of the dinner, if you reach before time, you should wait for your colleagues to arrive. If you arrive late, then you must apologize for the same.

Business dining etiquettes also include wearing decent clothes for the dinner. It can be very irritating and frustrating for the other people dining with you if you arrive in untidy clothes. Be well groomed and follow the dress code as far as possible if you are dining at a restaurant.

Table manners are to be followed while you are eating your food. Wash your hands well before you sit for your dinner. Do not start eating before the rest of your colleagues-it is expected that all of you start together. While dining at a restaurant, do not order too much food at the same time. Do not make noises while you eat your food. Avoid speaking very loudly while eating as this can be quite disturbing for your colleagues and also the other people dining at the restaurant. As far as possible, avoid talking while you are eating your food. Also know about business etiquette.

Mobile phones can be the biggest interruption during a dinner. You should keep your mobile phone switched of or on the silent mode to avoid any kind of disturbance to your colleagues while dining. If at all you get a call, then you should say 'excuse me' and then attend the call. It would be good if you ask your colleagues whether they liked the food or not. Attend all of your colleagues and not a few of them. Interacting with just few colleagues may not go down well with the other people dining with you. Avoid eating too fast or two slow and try to maintain a moderate pace.

The business dining etiquettes do not end here. Once you finish your dinner, you should be seated on the table and wait for your colleagues to finish their dinner. This shows that you care for them and are well mannered.

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